Quartetto di Venezia


    I can easily say that when speaking of the top performers in our genre over the last three decades, the Quartetto di Venezia and each of its members are frequently cited as among the most respected and recognized performers internationally for their extraordinary ability and mastery, as evidenced in their world-wide tours, recordings and residencies.  I wholeheartedly have and share that opinion.  The QdV offers audiences a significant opportunity to hear the greatest music performed at the highest level of achievement.  The recent success of the QdV’s complete Beethoven quartet cycle at the splendid new Auditorium “Lo Squero” in Venice reaffirms the ensemble’s reputation and acclaim.


    The wonderful history, both human and musical, that this school has with the members of the Quartetto di Venezia and with the Chigiana Accademy is a testament to our extraordinary three years relationship. In the course of this relationship there have been memorable moments in which our friendship has manifested itself in music, as in our shared experience with "Quintet with two violas" by Brahms and "Sextet Op.36".These moments, in which the musical expression moves beyond the confines of the interpretation, remain with me. I have selected the Quartetto di Venezia because of the musical spirit we have created, such that performing with the quartet has become a truly pleasurable collaboration.


    Dear Angelo, thank you for calling to let me know about the new concert in Padua. I must say, it is a real pleasure to play with you. Your Quartet has such a high musical standard, impressive for individual technique, as well as phrasing and intonation. In short, everything required to make great music! As my quartet no longer exists, I am delighted to continue my musical career with you.


    I was very impressed by the elegance, technical assurance and stylistic feeling that the Quartetto di Venezia brought to their recording of the Cherubini Quartets. They made the most convincing possible case for these rarely heard works. The Quartet also performed and recorded Curt Cacioppo's evocative "Impressioni Venexiane" with passion, a wide palette of colors and total commitment. This is a fine ensemble.


    Last April I was able to attend a concert given by the Quartetto di Venezia, in its new formation, at the Fondazione Cini in Venice in a programme which included Beethoven’s Opus 132.
    I must say how profoundly impressed I was by the quartet’s performance; to me the Quartetto di Venezia is, today in Italy, the quartet which is most akin to my musical sensitivity.
    I’d like to put a word in favour of these artists, who, having reached uttermost maturity in their artistic career, revive the great string quartet repertoire through performances of the highest quality.
    I wish the Quartetto di Venezia all the success it deserves.


    For several years I have been an admiree of the "Quartetto di Venezia", having attended numerous concerts and being familiar with the discography production. The quality of this production, considered together with the quartet's repertory, is testament to the groups musical capability. Recently I have had the opportunity to play with the group, and consequently have witnessed first hand the quality of their work. The "Quartetto di Venezia" is unique within the landscape of European music. The technical mastery and strength of interpretation characterised by the faithfullness to the original interpreter put the quartet at the top of their class and among the few worthg to take on the role held by the great quartets of the past.


    When i hear mention of the "Quartetto di Venezia", my thoughts turn to the mid 1980's, when I taught at the venetian conservatory. I remember noticing with astonishment and admiration those young students who, with such conviction and determination, began to dedicate themselves to the quartet. They are musicians and instrumentalists of the highest order, motivated by their great love for chamber music. I admire their profound faith and fidelity to the quartet, in which they have found a part of their life's purpose.Throughout its career, the quartet has received significant acclaim lauding their artistic professionalism, worthy of the great Italian concert tradition. With great affection, and wishing you even more success.


    I have had the enjoyable opportunity to hear the "Venetian String Quartet" in concert. I am very pleased that in Italy, regardless of the difficulties in which the musical world finds itself, extraordinary talents emerge, not only in the field of "bel canto", but also in that of chamber music. This group struck me with its professionalism, freshness of interpretation and its elegant, characteristically Italian style, which has been loved for centuries but now is increasingly difficult to find. It is my hope that these musicians might attain their highest aims and that their merit might be recognized and appreciated by their countrymen.


    The four complex and unforgettable individuals of the Venice quartet, joyfully united in friendship and in musical perfection, have achieved a high level of artistic professionalism. For more than ten years our paths have crossed frequently, and playing with the "Quartetto di Venezia" is always an event of great music and passion.


    Dear Maestro Vio and dear Friends of the Quartet, As I find myself often absent from Genazzano, it was only a short time ago that I was finally able to hear you in Malipiero's Quartets. Please accept my somewhat belated thanks for the CD, and I wish to express my appreciation for the excellent interpretation, as well as commend the courage required to produce, in times of mediocrity and indifference, such a marvellous CD. I do hope we will eventually meet again, though I often find myself far from Italy, and I wish you much satisfaction and success in your ongoing efforts.


    I wanted to express my affectionato admiration and esteem for the wonderful interpretations which the "Quartetto di Venezia" has been giving for many years now, showing the development which characterizes such serious and long- lived enterprises.
    Your musical style has proved adaptable to a vast repertory, with its vehemence and finesse, precision and balance. It has taken us ten years to decide to play together, it seems we' ve finally reached the right moment. The prospect gives me great pleasure, as I feel your love of the music and your readiness to move forward. Affectionately.


    The 30-year life of the quartet of Venice are a history, our musical history. I say our because, up from the distant lessons in the school of Fiesole with the legendary Maestro Piero Farulli, our paths, away and at the same time, parallel led the quartet of Venice to be one of the very few examples of prominent ensembles in Italy, for years. In this long journey we crossed several times, and with joy, esteem and affection, I have always found the spirit of those young people who are aware of the level reached, they never lost the desire to do better. Here, the many times we played together for concerts or records, we have always found the enthusiasm of the early days. And this' amazing. Another thirty years and more to the quartet of Venice.


    With great joy I join in the celebrations for the 30th anniversary of the glorious Quartetto di Venezia, friendship and sympathy. 
Always forward to the next. 
With affection and esteem.


    Playing with my friends of the Quartetto di Venezia has always been a great joy as well as an intense musical experience and human. Their beautiful amalgam of sounds and their extreme stylistic competence together with a rare ability to listen have made it easy and exciting our collaborations. I think that in their performances there is always a great sense of architecture, a constructive tension and communication that never fails, and a keen sense of color and a constant search for dialogue in music. None of these four amazing musicians ever want to prevaricate about music that flows very naturally and the result is that their interpretations are an exciting journey for the listener.

  • NIELS ULLNER - (first solo cellist – Malmoe Symphony Orchestra)

    It is a pleasure to express my feelings about Quartetto di Venezia in connexion with the 30 year jubilee of this wonderful ensemble. A few years ago I heard a concert with the quartet in my hometown, Copenhagen. I was moved and inspired by their warm and natural sound which I thought of as being influenced very much by the Italian bel canto singing tradition. In addition to their appetizing sound the four Italians played with exquisite fine taste and sense of style throughout their programme. I felt as a listener to be in the hands of extremely competent musicians with great love for their work combined with a great respect for each other and for the tradition to which they belong. As the coordinator of chamber music projects in the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Odense, Denmark, it was my privilege to invite the quartet for concerts and masterclasses twice - in 2011 and 2013. Both visits are days the students and I remember with joy and admiration. I hereby send my warmest greetings to the Quartetto di Venezia on this significant celebration, which I hope will be only a milestone far from the end of their journey.