Quartetto di Venezia

16 Marzo 2017 - Jerevan (Armenia) - Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall - Programma: Verdi quartetto in mi minore, Mozart: quartetto con l'oboe - oboista Gianfranco Bortolato, Beethoven: quartetto op.135

25 febbraio 2017 - ore 17.00 - Venezia - Isola di S.Giorgio - Fondazione Cini - Auditorium "Lo Squero" - "I concerti del Quartetto di Venezia" - clarinetto Alessandro Carbonare - Seconda serata - Programma: W.A.Mozart quartetto "La Caccia", J.Widmann: Fantasie per clarinetto solo, J.Brahms: quintetto per clarinetto ed archi

I have travelled extensively in and outside of the United States and discussed music with countless musicians and others with an enthusiasm for the chamber music genre.  I can easily say that when speaking of the top performers in our genre over the last three decades, the Quartetto di Venezia and each of its members are frequently cited as among the most respected and recognized performers internationally for their extraordinary ability and mastery, as evidenced in their world-wide tours, recordings and residencies.  I wholeheartedly have and share that opinion.  The QdV offers audiences a significant opportunity to hear the greatest music performed at the highest level of achievement.  The recent success of the QdV’s complete Beethoven quartet cycle at the splendid new Auditorium “Lo Squero” in Venice reaffirms the ensemble’s reputation and acclaim.

Arnold Steinhardt

February 6th, 2017

16 Febbraio 2017 - Mantova - Chiesa Madonna della Vittoria - Integrale dei quartetti di Beethoven - Quarta serata - http://mantovamusica.com/ - Programma: Beethoven quartetti op.74 "Le arpe", op.18 n.4, op.130.

13 Febbraio 2017 - Bergamo - Società del Quartetto - http://www.quartettobergamo.it/ - Auditorium di Piazza della Libertà - Programma: Beethoven quartetti op.74 "Le arpe", op.18 n.4, op.130